Happy Halloween!!

Michael's work had a contest for turning a pumpkin into something that didn't look like a pumpkin. Previous years entries were things like a carriage and a pie. We decided to make ours into a wheel of fortune type spinner. WE had to make a base for it, paint the segments, add pegs, make a pointer, create a way for it to spin. All in all we spent aout $15 and 3 or 4 hours turning it into the WHEEL OF PUMPKIN. We even got a little acorn lamp fineal to use as the handle. \

We were very proud of our pumpkin when we finished it last night. But alas it was too much for the people that Mike works with. They didn't understand that we actually made it so it could be spun. So we didn't win the contest, we didn't even get in the top three. I think Mike was a little broken-hearted. He didn't even bring the pumpkin home.

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