Barrier Erection

The shutdown at work is now in full swing, and holy crap is it tiring. My first project starting on Friday; erection of a visquine barrier to protect the manufacturing area from metal particulates generated by grinding. Doesn't that sound fun? Yeah.

Sadly I actually had fun running around talking to contractors, subcontractors, environmental quality control . . . It made me feel useful, and like I am finally learning a bit about how to do my job. That is refreshing.

In wedding news, I booked Decker Mansion for February 25th. My shoes came yesterday, and I ordered my veil off ebay (only $27 including shipping). I have found a couple of photographers that have packages in our budget (~$750 - $900) that include only what I want. Now I am waiting to get a list of references to call. Since I am not likely to be able to meet with these people before I have to book them, references are my best defense against getting someone who sucks. After the photographer I am going to focus on the caterer and cake. I am starting to feel a little anxious about the decorating part. Not that I can't handle it. But more that I don't know what needs to be done because I haven't seen it myself. There is a mantle in every room we are going to use and I just don't know how I want to decorate them.

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