KT Analysis Paralysis

Yesterday today and tomorrow I am at an offsite training on Kepner-Tregoe Analysis. So far it is actually rather fun. We do a lot of talking and group work and interaction. It isn't a sitting at a table getting lectured at all day training that will put you to sleep.

It does however have some negative side effects. It has caused me decision paralysis. At least in my real life. After spending all day yesterday making decsions and talking about making decisions my brain was warn out. This morning it literally took me about 40 minutes to pick out my clothes for the day. Which maybe doesn't sound that abnormal for a girl. But usually once I put an outfit on, unless I spill somethiing on it that is what I wear. This morning I put on at least 3 full on different outfits. The only thing that stayed the same from the first outfit to the last was my underwear.

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