Wednesday night Mike and I went out to dinner with a girl from my work and her boyfriend (J & G). We had dinner at Rocco's in Walnut Creek, and it was the first pizza I have had in CA that I liked (that didn't make me sick). Last night I had a piece left over and cold before my riding lesson and it was still good!! Finally we can stop having to always make our own pizzas! Next we will have to try some of their other food to see if the pasta is decent. I can't believe it has taken almost a year to find edible pizza!

In an effort to keep myself from being too depressed about the fact that we can't afford to buy a house out here I like to read articles about the possiblity of a housing bubble. This one made me really happy because it predicts a price drop similar to what my gut feel is for what a home should cost out here. Maybe I am not as crazy as I thought. The big question remains WHEN will prices really change.

Yesterday I went shopping on my lunch break and I finally found the long light tank tops I have been looking for, and at a decent price. At Old Navy. I got 4 of these, pink, white, black and green, one of these in blue, which they don't show as a choice, a black top that I can't find on the website and one of these. Yeah!! And then I went to the Sanrio store and bought a ton of silly hello kitty stuff. Good thing too because my afternoon at work turned out to be very hectic and crazy!

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