Work work work

Michael had to go into San Francisco today for work. Which isn't too bad. For most of June he will be out on a barge by the Dunbarton Bridge, 12 hour shifts. Which would really suck depending on where he has to catch the helicopter to take out to the barge. If they leave from Palo Alto like they have been saying he would have to stay in a hotel down there during the week because the drive would be too far. I admit that I am still getting used to sharing my bed at night while I am sleeping but I would be really upset if I didn't get to see him for days at at time!!

Sara is coming out for a visit in 9 days!! I am really excited to have a visitor. Plus I haven't seen Sara in so long! The big question remains what are we going to go see? Mike and I have not been very good about going and doing new things since we moved here. We only have found one or two resturants that we like. Which is just sad, on several levels (1 that we haven't tired more, 2 that they are so bad that most of the ones we have tired sucked).

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