Love Hate

Sometimes I think everyone in the world must have a love hate relationship with their job. My current job is so much better than my last job in terms of what I am learning and what it will do for my career. So far I still miss the people from my last job, but maybe that is just because I find CA so weird. And that is the hate part, I wish this job with this amazing company wasn't in CA. Aside from the fact that I miss my friends from PA, and my family in NY, and the fact that CA still feels like a foreign country, Mike so far isn't happy here.

Today he had to be out at the Bay Bridge at 6 in the morning or something ridiculous like that. And he was just so miserable last night going to bed at 9:30 and when his alarm when off at 4:45 am I knew he didn't want to get up. I know he desperately misses his friends in NY and working for bosses that he felt he could learn from. And I feel so guilty that I took that away from him. I know I didn't TAKE it, he is an adult and he made the decision to move out here with me, and if he is unhappy he should do something about it. But I love him and I want him to be happy and I still feel like this is my fault and I somehow have to fix it. Honestly how can I enjoy my job and the opportunity it is for me if I resent it for the fact that it makes him so unhappy?

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