Working and Jumping

Finally I have figured out the key to having a good day at work. Accomplish something. By that I don't just mean do work, I do that everyday, but I mean truly get something figured out or finished. I feel so much better when I close a project or like yesterday figure out what caused a problem and how to fix it, or do something I have never done before and do it right without asking for help at every step! I am going to try to hold onto that feeling today and see how far it can carry me.

Speaking of being carried. Pickles was again carrying me around the ring last night. My adorable husband came with me for the first time and took some pictures of me and Pickles in action. He needs to work on his picture taking timing.

His main comments on the whole thing were that there was a lot of poop and that he thought the jumps would be higher. Dagi told him that I could handle higher jumps but Pickles couldn't. It does seem to be a lot of work for him to get his butt around the ring and over even the small jumps. Though honestly I think he really enjoys it. He gets so worked up after the first couple of jumps. The first one of the day he does his whole "come on I am old and weak and tired cough, cough are you really going to make me do this?" then the next one is "fine if you are going to make me" and after that it is all "this is fun, point me at the next one, race ya!". Silly pony!! Oh and Michael says Nifty has nasty breathe.

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