The wedding is really over

What is the clinical name for wedding withdrawal? I have been able to keep myself entertained since the wedding by working on making an album. But now that is really done, and ordered. Nothing left to do but wait for it to be delivered. I should be glad. We are doing a great job of paying off our debt, my ESP is growing nicely (at least in shares) and I LOVE being married to Mike. But now that all the planning is over I have a little too much free time on my hands. So yesterday I decided I should put that time into cleaning up this site. Yeah!!

And on my riding. Which has really suffered due to my lack of working out. I have no stamina left. Meet Nifty (left) and Pickles (right), my current two lesson horses. Aren't they cute. Nifty seems to like the camera more tha Pickles who is trying as hard as possible to fatten himself back up. How can you not find that adorable!

Mike has even agreed to drive me to my lesson tonight, on his motorcycle!! Maybe one of these days I will get him on a horse. That would be FUNNY! Maybe I can get him or Dagi to take some pictures of me and Pickles jumping for you! No one has ever taken a picture of that.

Work is going okay. Though I just realized today trying to make up a to do list for the day that I am running out of stuff to work on. Time to ask the boss for more projects. It's perfect timing actually because I have my one-on-one with her tomorrow. We were supposed to have it yesterday but it would have interfered with the Cinco de Mayo ho-ho and then I would have missed the cool dancers! And the Mexican Wedding Cookies.

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