hey-la hey-la My Husband's Back

Michael is finally home from the barge for good and I couldn't be more happy! I spent all day Saturday getting the apartment cleaned up for him. And we spent all day yesterday just hanging out together. It is so nice just to have him around even just to sit on the couch and watch the Sopranos.

Thursday was an Elvis day again. It didn't go really badly, though it was freaking hot out, I was literally soaked with sweat just from bringing him down from his little paddock to the barn. Then some nut left his bridle out by the ring and I couldn't find it. Elvis HATES being left in the crossties too long, I honestly thought that he was going to hurt himself. That if I left to go find out where his bridle was I would come back to either a bleeding crazy horse or an empty stall with a trail of blood leading out of the barn! But we made it through. Hopefully this week will be cooler. I might get to ride another horse this week but I will tell you more about that if it happens.

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