Elvis has entered the building

Devito's has finally gotten a new lesson horse, ELVIS!! I got to ride him last night during my lesson. He is 17 years old (ie not young) but quite energetic. He is also rather tall **swoon** and his hotblood shows through. As does his other reminders of being a thoroughbred originally intended for the track, like how much more he likes his left lead than his right. His worst "quirk" however is that at some point in his training someone had the bright idea to routinely use twisting his left ear as a way to punish/control him. Which has left him incredibly ear shy, but only with the left one. And otherwise his ground manners are decent, not at all girth shy, not a biter. But he will drag you around a bit if you don't let him know you are the boss. Can you tell I am a little infatuated with him? He was actually sweet and quite a mover, very forward. I hope I get to ride him again.

Tonight I am driving down to the South Bay to see Michael for a little bit. I can't wait, I have really missed him.

MLP - 7:51 am

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