Suprisingly not creepy

Yesterday I put up my pictures from Sara's visit. I started out the weekend taking a lot of pictures but by the end I got a little tired of it. On Monday when we went to Golden Gate Park I didn't even take my camera with me! Some of the pictures I played around with in PSPX. I should put up the original versions as well. Maybe this week. I was trying to see if I could make Alcatraz look more creepy with some of them but I couldn't. Honestly it was just too beautiful there with the flowers and the view and the gorgeous disintegration of the island and buildings. I honestly thought the night tour would give me bad dreams but the lighting just made everything more stunning. Anyway enjoy the pictures, hopefully Sara will have hers up soon.

Seeing Mike this weekend was nice, though a little sad because really I barely got to spend anytime with him, I think I spent more time doing his laundry than I spent hanging out with just him. Oh well just a couple more weeks and he will hopefully be back home where he belongs. Sitting at home alone at night isn't as much fun as it used to be. This coming weekend I might just have to spring for wifi in his room so I am not quite so bored and don't watch FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of 100 Greatest Teen Stars. Though I will probably still watch crap like that while I am sitting in his room. It's much cheaper than letting me go shopping!

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