Traffic was hell getting to work today. There was a big old tractor trailer accident on eastbound 80 between Fairfield and Vacaville. It cost me at least an extra 50 minutes in getting to work. I don't know much about the accident other than there were at least 8 state trooper cars there, a fire truck, 4 CalTrans trucks and a jack-knifed tractor trailer. Some people at work said they heard on the radio that it was a fatal accident and that it happened shortly after 7 am. I guess that would explain why I didn't hear about it on the news before we left for work!

In other news, I ordered my new camera this weekend. Hopefully I will be getting it this week. I can't wait to see what kind of pictures I can take with it! I am already thinking about things I can take pictures of. Mike on his motorcycle, the horses at Devito, maybe Dagi riding Pipa (her horse). I can't wait. I just checked on the status of my order (I ordered it from Newegg) and my credit card has been charged, next is packaging then shipping!!!! I hope I get it this week!!

So that was pretty much the excitement in our weekend. Other than that we organized the closet on the deck organized under the bathroom sink Mike played video games and I scanned more pictures. Speaking of scanning my total is up to nearly 1000 pictures now! I am sure some are duplicates of previously scanned ones but I will clean those out after I am done scanning. I have found some really cute pictures but it will be a while before you all see many of them!

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