Yeah Ponies

Last week I had to skip my riding lesson because they were having a horse camp week at the barn I ride at. Luckily it was only for one week so we are back on tonight! I can't wait. I really missed it last week! One of the girls from work wants to go with me one day. That will be fun if we can schedule it. I am planning on taking the new camera tonight as well. Maybe I can get some pictures of other people riding and get any tips Dagi has on using a camera like that.

Today I also decided that Mike and I should start planning our 1 year anniversary trip to Hawaii now. Maybe this weekend we can go to the bookstore and get a book about the islands so we can see what kind of things we want to do. So far I vote for:

  • Horseback riding
  • Seeing a volcano
  • Going to a Luau
  • Dinner by the beach
  • Helicoptor tour
  • Honeymoon photo shoot on the beach - Mike really wanted to have our wedding at the beach and I thought maybe this would be a nice surprise to sort of make up for him not getting to have that?

I am sure there are a MILLION other things to do. I am finally getting a little excited about the idea! Even though it is MONTHS away.

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