Little Things

Originally the new camera was scheduled to come today, but now it won't be until tomorrow! So to console myself I ordered a memory card (2GB) and a second battery (I hate waiting for things to charge and being without my camera!).

In more exciting news I felt my first earthquake last night. I thought it would feel different. More jarring, but maybe because it was relatively small and far away it felt really smooth. Just like the couch was rocking back and forth really gently. Mike and I looked at each other and said "hey I think that is an earthquake" It also lasted longer than I thought it would (though it still wasn't long).

This morning I managed to get Mike up at 5:15 am and get him to the gym for an early morning workout. We have been SO bad about going at night I was hoping that if I can get him used to this we will stick to it a lot better. I am really happy we went. It smelled much less which is key to getting me to go back. There were a ton less people! And I talked myself into using the treadmill. My running sucks completely compared to where I was a year ago. It's so far gone really it's like I am starting all over again. But at least I am starting right? Now lets just see if I can keep getting him up!

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