Sad lonely me

It's after 9 o'clock at night on a Friday and my husband isn't home from work yet! I thought we moved to CA so we could spend MORE time together? I miss him, and I hope he gets home soon!

Last night I took my new camera to my lesson. Dagi helped me play with it a little. Let me just say I am not a very good photographer at this point. Though I really think I am learning how the different manual functions interact, what is going to take a long time is knowing which settings will give me the picture that I want. But I suppose that takes a long time for everyone? RIGHT?? For now I am just going to keep playing with it. Anyway nothing I took last night is worth the effort of resizing and uploading to the web, trust me. You will just have to hope I take some better pictures this weekend. If my husband ever gets home!

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