Can't get you out of my head

Last night I could not for the life of me get Veronica Mars out of my head. I finally figured out why this morning. I knew I watched at lot of VM this weekend but in the car on the way to the gym I actually added it up. 6 discs, 22 episodes plus deleted scenes, gag reel etc, assuming each episode was 40 minutes and that there were about 20 minutes of extras that is 15 hours of VM. I watched all of this between Friday night and Monday night football, that is 72 hours. Subtracting time for 9 hours of sleep a night, leaves a total of 45 waking hours. I spent 25% of my waking hours this weekend watching that show. No wonder it's all I think about. I am going through withdrawal. So much so that I am debating if I should watch season 1 again. MUST RESIST!!!

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