I'll miss you Elvis

Don't worry Elvis isn't going anywhere. I just won't be able to make my lesson tonight. Silly scheduling people at work scheduled some work I wanted to watch be done at 5:45pm. That makes it hard to make a 45 minute drive home and get to the barn for a 7 pm lesson, unless of course the work started on time and took only 1 minute. Actually that would still be hard. Oh well I suppose I can survive missing a week. I won't enjoy it though.

In related news, because I am working a really long day today I couldn't drop off and pick up Mike at BART so he was going to take the motorcycle in. Apparently it wouldn't start this morning, which is a common problem for that thing, usually requiring us to wheel it around behind our building and plug in the battery charger overnight (yes we have tried to take the battery out but you pretty much have to take the bike apart to do that). I think he really wants to sell it now.

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