Yeah Penn State beat Akron! Now it is on to Notre Dame!

Last night we went to see Tool in concert in Oakland. Once again I was reminded that I am not a big concert goer. Mike liked it, but honestly I just didn't get much out of it. I spent more time thanking myself for bringing earplugs and watching how weird people behave at these things. There are always a couple of people sitting near you who act like it would just be impossible for them to sit still while this AMAZING music is playing and they must get up and shake it. And by shake it they really mean re-enact the scariest looking seizure you have ever seen. I on the other hand can't stop looking at my watch and guessing how many more songs are left before we get to head home. I think I am missing the music gene.

Oh and other than the concert and watching copious amounts of football (like 7 - 8 games) I also watched the entire second season of Veronica Mars, how am I going to wait until October 4th for new Veronica Mars??

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