I am nervous to go into work today. I generally try to make it a policy to not be friends with people I work with. I usually like them, and I will chat with them at work, say hello if I were to run into them on the street but I don't usually invite them to my house or go out to dinner with them. Mike and I have had to modify that policy here in CA because we just don't meet a lot of people outside of work. The girl we are friends with from my work is coming back to work today from the Thanksgiving holiday and while she was gone a problem came up with part of one of her projects (not a mistake, something totally unpredictable) and I was the only person who was around last week who had time to deal with it for her. She is a lot like me with regards to wanting to be on top of all her stuff and always taking responsibilty for stuff so I am worried that she won't be happy with how I handled things if it wasn't how she would have handled it. It's hard for me to separate the friendship and the work relationship, which means I get even more bothered when there is a work disagreement. I guess I can't put off going to work forever, wish me luck.

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