Busy, busy, busy

Yeah I have five minutes to breathe. We shall see how long this lasts. Work being busy has actually been nice in a way. The fact that I don't have to ask for help every five minutes just on major decisions makes me feel like I am finally DOING my job. And that I finally at least to a small extent know HOW to do my job. Novel huh? Probably won't last long but that is okay.

We are also in the middle of PP&R (Performance Planning and Review) and I have gotten 5 requests to review people. Which seems like a lot to me considering we each only have to pick 3 people, so three would see like the average amount to get right? Everyone should have to do about that many. Is it because I am so nice and usually so happy and friendly? I do take the responsibilty very seriously though. It takes me at least 2-3 hours to fill out each form and then I let it sit for a least a day then come back and review and correct. I hope other people take filling mine out that seriously.

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