Which shoes?

What is wrong with me that I am jealous of the people having a blizzard right now? It just doesn't feel like winter to me at all here in CA and I really MISS snow. I knew that I enjoyed snow, but I didn't really think I would miss it. I actually am homesick for snow. Not just little flurries but 18 inches of fluffy white muffling goodness!

On a less whiney note, my holiday party dress is here.

I can't wait to wear it. Of course I need some new shoes to go with it since all my other fancy party dresses have been some shade of black I only have black ones. So I thought I would try out a new shoe site Piper Lime from the Gap. They also offer free shipping and returns AND I can use my Banana Republic card!! So I ordered three pairs of shoes (which should be arriving at my desk any minute) in the hopes that I will love at least one pair and I can return the other two. (Not sure what will happen if I LOVE more than one pair!)

It has gotten cooler here this week so this morning I broke out all the sweaters I had packed up last spring because I didn't wear them at all last winter (maybe that was a mild winter?) and it's like I have doubled my winter clothing options again!!

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