10 more days

Just 10 more days!! I am so excited. It's a good thing I am really busy at work these days and the next week should pass by quickly. We have next Monday off for President's Day I guess so I am going to take the day to pack most of our stuff!!!!

So I have a bunch of old film negatives (and Dad has a ton of old slides) that I would like to scan. My flatbed scanner can't handle those so I am debating between a dedicated film scanner (smaller, faster, auto-feeder, higher price) and upgrading my flatbed scanner (cheaper, slower, about the same space as current scanner). I am torn. And partly because my current one works fine for prints so I think I should get the faster film scanner. The price difference really isn't much $80-100. That isn't my main issue. It's mainly space time and future use, two takes up more space than just one, but one is 10X faster, but once I am done scanning this stuff will I use the film one much? I suppose I could sell it on ebay or something? Oh well I am not going to order until well after Hawaii anyway. I need to read more reviews. When did I get so indecisive? Is it rubbing off?

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