Happy V-day

Hopefully you had as nice of a Valentine's Day as we did. Mike sent me a lovely orchid plant to work (I am just hoping I can figure out how to care for it before I kill it), I made him dinner at home and we exchanged cards. Then we watched Veronica Mars from the night before! Perfect!!

In case you are interested the two scanners I am thinking about right now are Film Scanner:Nikon Coolscan V LS-50 ED and Flatbed Scanner:Epson Perfection V700 Photo. I am not going to worry about this until after we get back from Hawaii and I am done making a photobook of that. I just don't need another thing to distract myself with like that yet! Besides I should get my bonus in March and maybe I can use that to buy the scanner I decide on. I am leaning towards the time saving one. As a family there are a TON of slides and negatives to scan. I think for the 110mm negatives I have I might mail them out and get prints made and just scan those, since there aer so few of them. I need to find a lab that will do that.

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