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For the first time I tried taking some pictures with my camera set in RAW instead of JPEG. I have to say it was easier to post-process them than I thought. I think I am going to have to force myself to leave it in RAW so I can get a good workflow down. I think being able to change the white balance is going to be very helpful. My indoor photos, especially at our condo always come out quite yellow and editting them in PaintShopPro hasn't been fully fixing the problem. I really want to have a strong handle on RAW and post processing (and shooting in manual which I was playing with last night) before Dan and Tasha's wedding in October. I want to take some good pictures to share with them. I know how much the non-pro shots from our wedding meant to me, especially of times when the photographer wasn't around (getting our hair and makeup done for example).

In other news I ordered 5 new pairs of shoes this weekend from Piperlime. I get a coupon for 10% off in the mail and by that evening I have ordered $350 of shoes! No wonder they send me coupons!

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