It finally happened, my patience wore out. I was a cranky bitch last night at Yoshi's. I admit it. I didn't want to be. But after a crazy hectic day at work, facing another such day today, massive cramps/PMS, no lunch break and having to drive all the way to Oakland in rush hour traffic from Vacaville I was in no mood to put up with anyone save Michael, and him only because he is cute and kisses me, puts his arm around my chair during the jazz show and put me to bed with aleve and a heating pad as soon as we got home.

Yoshi's sushi was only marginal. I have had much better, at much cheaper prices. And we had to eat with our shoes off, which was really weird. But I did talk everyone into letting me take pictures of the sushi as it came out (okay really I just ordered them not to touch it until I was done photographing it, I was hoping that would help cheer me up. Some of them didn't turn out as well as I would like but they weren't letting me take the time to change my settings and try again so I just had to go with the first shot.

In summary, don't go there for the sushi, it is overpriced and not all that great, go there for the jazz. Which was good but it put me to sleep, it was really relaxing and calming, which was probably exactly what I needed last night.

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