Has it been 4 weeks?

Since my last PMS related post that is? I am seriously c-rank-y today. It would have been very kind of me to not come into work today and inflict this mood on other people, but they don't always give me a choice about that. I have meetings to go to and work to get done (the horror!!)

I am assuming it is part of PMS that I am having such a hard time figuring out what I want to wear to my BIL and his fiancee's rehearsal dinner in October that I had a nightmare about it last night! It is a rehearsal dinner so I think I should dress up, and I WANT to dress up. But at the same time, the actual dinner is at their house, which sounds fairly casual, and I want to wear my fancy red shoes that I got last holiday season for my work holiday party (because they are cute and I just want to wear them). But maybe they would be too fancy with a LBD? (LBD=little black dress) but too causal over all with dark jeans and a cute jacket? Maybe I should wear a skirt and sweater???? Damn it!!!

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LawGeek said...

Oh no - if the sweater with jeans had a sparkly top under it - would be good. Otherwise, skirt, sweater, red shoes. Ta Da!


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