Bad stretcher!

During my pilates class on Friday my instructor May, was chastising me for my tight hamstrings and not stretching enough, especially since I am running again. So I thought for the next month I would really give stretching a try and see if it makes my legs feel better and improves my position in pilates. My plan is to stretch at least 10-15 minutes everyday I run, and 5-10 minutes on other days, do yoga 1-2 times a week, and back down weight lifting for my lower body to once a week, just to keep my muscle mass. May helped me out by suggesting some additional yoga poses for me to try that would focus on my hamstrings. My goal (though it might take more than a month to get there) is to be able to touch my face to my legs in both of these positions:

Seated Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

Other yoga poses I am using to help me get there include:

Head to Knee Forward Bend
Intense Side Stretch Pose
Extended Triangle Pose
Downward-Facing Dog

This week I think I need to ask about some quad stretching poses because I felt really out of balance yesterday with really loose (for me at least) hamstrings and tight quads.

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