Bad Day

I had a bad day today. I realized I made a mistake on some equipment that I ordered at work. Hopefully we can fix it (though I won't know that for sure until probably this weekend), but I really pretty stupid and very embarrassed and like I suck at my job. I know I need to get over it and move on with solving the problem, and we do have a solution if we can find the parts and the piping contractor can do what they think they can. But right now I am just waiting on hearing about the parts so there is nothing that I can DO at this point to make this any better, just sit around and wait to hear back, which just leaves my running over and over it in my mind.

Everyone has been super nice about it, no one yelled at me but I am mad enough at myself at this point. Now I am sitting at work, knowing there is nothing I can do right now, but somehow feeling bad about going home since I am such a screw-up, like I should be punished by having to stay late. Not that it helps with anything.

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