Attention Attention

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posting (of Disney images) to bring you a special update on what an amazing riding lesson I had last night! Seriously I have felt really off since I feel off of Finnely in the fall and nervous about jumping, and lessons being so sporadic with the winter rains around here I never really got over it. But last week I mentioned it to Dagi, and we have been working on it. Last night I was riding Elvis for his 4th lesson of the day, so the "crazy" was already out of him, but he still had good energy. I don't know what else has changed lately but I seem to have really finally found my balance. I am not all thrown off after a jump, I can be in two-point and still bend him, and use my inner and outer leg independently without throwing my balance off. Those things have always been tough for me. So last night we did a little course, trot polls, sharp turn, a small jump at the trot, sharp turn while picking up the canter (btw my transitions are just so smooth these days as well, no fights, just collect/bend, sit/signal and go!), jump, go around jump again, go around jump again. Then she raised the last jump a smidge and we went over it one last time at the canter. And it was perfect, for the first time I really felt him preparing for the jump and I was able to sit back with him just a little as he pulled himself together and then just go over with him. It felt AMAZING!!! I really needed a great lesson like that.

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