- I had a great lesson last night. I feel like my riding has reached a whole new level the past couple of months. I have no idea what changed or where this all came from but I am loving it!

- We had a wonderful but short trip to West Virginia last weekend to meet our nephew Lucas. He is adorable. I can't really share any pictures though as SIL doesn't want them on the web and I have to respect that. I got to feed him three times, give him and give him a bath!!

- I am just waiting on an email from that job in PA to schedule an on-site interview. I hope I hear from them soon, I am starting to worry as it has been 3 days since I sent them my list of dates (I am always worried they will have changed their minds). If this pans out there is a real chance we could move by the end of the summer. That would make me SO happy!

- We might go to the racetrack tonight to bet on the ponies, eat hotdogs and take pictures. It all depends on if Mike gets done with work on time.

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