Cooking Class

Last Thursday Michael and I had signed up for a cooking class at the local community college. We thought it would be fun to learn how to cook some new dishes, and as a bonus it would get us off the couch and out of the house.

The class we took was called Pearl of the Orient and according to our "instructor" it was food from the Philippines. I say "instructor" because she did very little instructing, more here is a recipe, and some ingredients, the pots and stuff are over that way, get cooking. Which we found very disappointing considering the cost ($40+ per person). We should have just gone out for a nice dinner! It would have been less work, and tastier.

I still took my camera though, because that is what I do. All shots with 5DM2, 50mm 1.2L.

Our chicken coconut curry (front) and pork adobo (back) boiling way.

Mike looking a little crazy carrying around a frying pan.

Frying the pork spring rolls, the best part.


Heidi said...

Oh no, the hubs and I were thinking of taking a cooking class at a local community college. Hmmm, maybe we'll have to rethink that idea. At least you got to eat good food!

r883sfw2 said...

Filipino food? Pork adobo? YES. Coconut curry...not a chance. :)


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