Color, Finally

Friday the painters finally started to get some color up on the walls. We both love the green in the dining room (BM Lehigh Green) and I love the blue in the living room (BM Malboro Blue), Mike thinks it is too light. Hopefully it will grow on him.

Living Room
5dm2, 20mm lens

We still have a couple of colors to decide on, we have put up no less than 9 colors in the kitchen searching for something that works with the cabinets and the tile and that we both actually like! We might have found a winner today but I think we need to sleep on it.


Katie said...

I love the blue! It looks almost exactly like the blue I painted my guest room! One personal suggestion - my house has a lot of different colored rooms, but what we did was continue the foyer color down the hallway and into the master bedroom & master bath - it doesn't have the be the master - but tying a color like that into another room helps (in my house at least) of making it feel like I'm in a crayola box! I'm loving the pictures of the work you've been doing - it all pays off when you're inside and happy with it!

Michele said...

Katie, thanks for the idea, I will keep that in mind!


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