Remodeling Weekend 4 - Memorial Day Edition

A nice long three day weekend was just what we needed to wrap up the work we needed to get done on the house to not be slowing down our contractors (other than still searching for the perfect yellow for the entry, anyone with any ideas?). We also took a little shopping/eating/visiting break Sunday night into Monday but that will be another post, after we actually order furniture.

Current house status:
Entryway - ready to go other than picking paint. (We have tried 4 yellow paint samples already.)
All carpet is removed, plaster repair is in progress, baseboard is removed to make room for wainscoting.

Dining Room -
Dining Room
Carpet all pulled up (except for under the buffet), color is selected for this room, BM Lehigh Green.

Living Room -
Living Room
Again carpet is all up, plaster work is in progress here as well. We also managed to choose the color for this room, BM Malboro Blue. We started to tape out furniture placement today to make sure what we want to buy will fit in this odd room.

Office -

Bookcases removed, carpet pulled up, new oak installed (we have an issue with how this was done but we will see if they can fix it this week). Color is also selected here, SW Excalibur Grey a nice purple gray, not too girly for Mike but a little pretty for me since it is my office!

Breakfast Nook -
Breakfast Nook
Finally wallpaper free!!!!! I thought I was never going to finish with this room. If only I could pick a color for it. I was thinking red but Mike doesn't like red rooms.

Kitchen -
Plaster work has started in here as well to even out some texture issues. As much as I hate beige paint we are going with SW Believably Buff in here, we feel rather trapped by the cabinents, counter and tile. Maybe someday we can make it more our style.

All pictures with 5D Mark II, 20mm lens.


Nikkithy said...

Your home is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Michele said...

Me too! Thanks!


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