Before and After Monday: Columbine

One of my new favorite flowers based on my trip to Longwood last week is the Columbine. It has an amazing shape, and several layers of interest which is something I love to find in a flower to photograph. One of the images I made of it screamed out for a little editing beyond lightroom.

I started with this:
a little underexposed

LR gave me this:

Then I took it into PS CS3 for a little bit of cloning/healing and ended up with:


becky said...

Yay! I love before and afters! I love this one.

Tamara said...

I love this, actually I'm new to your blog (found you via the Bump) and I love all your flower photos, they are amazing. I myself am a newbie to photography and am trying to get better at taking pics of flowers, hopefully your blog can be of great inspiration for me. I'm a follower!



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