10 on Tuesday 10.19.10

1. Last week I had a cavity drilled, they gave me so much Novocain that my eye on that side ended up numb. That was weird.

2. The end of the Mad Men season makes me want to cry.

3. If I want to stick to my goal of only staying at this job for 3 years it's time to start looking for a new job. I don't like looking for new jobs.

4. Days when Mike goes to the NY office for work (like today) make me sad. I don't like when he comes home late, though it is better than him being overseas for weeks on end.

5. Coming up with 10 things to talk about is hard.

6. Mike's brother, Dan, his wife Tacha and our niece Chloe are coming to visit this weekend. I can't wait! And Tacha and I are going to Longwood on Saturday.

7. I really am working on an Etsy shop, figuring out things like sales tax, fees, pricing etc really isn't a lot of fun. I am excited about the idea of getting it up and running though.

8. It took nearly all season but Rubicon (on AMC) is finally starting to make sense.

9. I am stuck on what to carve on my pumpkin (that I haven't bought yet). Any ideas?

10. I hate posting without a picture.


This is Stanley looking out our sidelight while I was outside playing with my camera.

1 comment:

Amy F.W. said...

That numb eye thing is SO weird! (love kitty pictures)


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