My Pink Dahlias

While Mike was in Saudi I planted some spring bulbs at our house. The gladiolas did great, they had doubled by the time I dug them up this past weekend, and I had come beautiful bouquets from them in the house this spring/summer. The other flower I planted was some pink dahlia's that are supposed to be dinner plate sized. I wasn't sure they were ever going to bloom, but finally a couple of weeks ago I saw buds on the long ugly stalks. It seems really late to me (considering I am supposed to pull them up at the first frost and we are long past when we should have had one), but I am happy to see them regardless.

I ran outside as soon as I got home from work the other night to take some photos, and of course I got dirt all over my work pants. Oh well, it will wash off.






I hope they finish opening before the frost gets to them!


Andie said...

One word - gorgeous.

Rebecca said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!! Especially that third one. Stunning!


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