Week before last we had a LOT of rain here in the Lehigh Valley (the remains of a tropical storm I think? We came home from work to find a very wet basement. There has been water down there once before already this summer, when we had another big rain storm (right before my birthday). This was the worst so far though so we had to call in some larger help to get it all dried out.



Three industrial fans dried it out pretty quickly, the company that supplied these also sprayed a anti-microbial spray on the carpet, and it seems to have worked. The basement doesn't smell wet or moldy/mildewy. Now we just need to do something to prevent this from happening again. We have a couple of options in mind. We are going to start with the cheapest solution (rerouting some roof drainage) and hold off on the more expensive (destroying the finished basement to put in a sump pump).


r883sfw2 said...

You should really have someone come in with a moisture meter and check the walls if the company didn't do it for you. Saw a LOT of "dry outs" that had walls wet behind the paneling that never dried out, only becoming a problem when they got all moldy and rotten.

Michele said...

We did actually have them do that, the walls were mostly try, there was only one that was a little wet. Thanks for the advice though! :)

Tamara said...

Ugh, what a drag to have to deal with - I hope your inexpensive repair can do the trick!

Amy F.W. said...

I'm such a nerd, I just keep looking at the carpet and going, "oh, I bet those are Interface carpet tiles". Man, that sucks about the water, I'm glad though that it can be fixed.


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