Kelly Moore Hobo Review

My first time really testing out my new Kelly Moore Hobo bag in Gray was my recent trip to Longwood. Overall I loved the bag, it was really comfortable to wear, it had a nice small footprint compared to my Epiphanie bag (which I still love, it just has a different purpose), it held all the gear I needed it too (5dm2, 100L, flash, pocket wizards, extension tubes, wallet, cell, keys, sunglasses) and I love the color. My ONLY complaint is that the 100L on the 5dm2 is just a little long to fit in the middle section lens down and actually zip the bag shut. Which really is only a minor issue (since bags like my shootsac I can't put the body in a all with a lens on it). The bag overall gets two thumbs up from me.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Thanks for the review! I ordered my Hobo in muted teal earlier this week. I just couldn't wait until November for the grey bag!


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