Longwood: Bees and Wizards

One of the last things we shot outside at Longwood (and I have already shown you what we shot after this) was this bank of blue flowers (that I forgot to take a photo of the name of) that had bees ALL over them. They just loved them.

All 5dm2, 100L macro, and I used some of the tubes as well.


Bees are really hard to shoot, I kept getting bee sides and bee butts.


Next up is the wizard part, while we were sitting there shooting the bees, I thought I would break out my flash and my new pocket wizards and play around (which I had also done earlier in the day, but the results weren't stellar).





I am not really in love with any of those. But it was fun to practice something new. And I did learn some things, like I definitely need a light stand, or an assistant (any volunteers?) to hold the flash for me where I want it, or I need to grow an extra arm (which would look odd, but it could be very handy, ha ha).


Amanda said...

those are great photos! I think the flower is beautiful and it's neat that you caught a bee in the action.

Andie said...

These are wonderful!

Amanda said...

haha no you need a hat with a bendy arm on it! That would look fabulous! ;)

Michele said...

Thanks Amanda D and Andie!

Amanda S would you laugh if I told you I had searched for things like that. Not hat ones, but like arm things that would go on a bracket on the camera? Didn't find anything promising though.


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