2010 Goal Review

On the first of the year I did a post detailing out some goals for 2010, before I make one for 2011 tomorrow, shall we see how I did?

-Use my longwood season pass to shoot a lot more macros - Done! And I loved it and I think it made a huge difference in my photography +1
-Use my awesome new tripod to start shooting waterfalls - Didn't do +0
-Autofocus micro-adjust all my lenses with the LensAlign - didn't do all, but I did some +0.5
-Use the video mode on the 5DM2, and do something with them - I used it, but I haven't figured out what to do with them. +0.5
-Finish scanning and editing the slides from our 1987 trip - I finished all the scanning of the slides, Dad still hasn't found the couple of rolls of negative film +0.5
-Do something with the XT instead of letting it sit around collecting dust - I tried to but I ended up messing up the sensor when I tried to clean it before selling it +0
-Get in front of the camera more - fail, maybe next year +0
-Write more photography tips posts for this blog - done +1
-Look for macro subjects all year long, not just in the spring - done, though I still mostly stuck with flowers, I just found them at Longwood.

-Get back into running, especially outside, log at least 100 miles - I did run outside for a couple of months, and at the gym for a couple of weeks, but I probably barely made 100 miles. +0
-No more sodas at lunch at work (too much caffeine) - fail I managed to skip them here and there but not really consistently. +0
-Try out the yoga and pilates classes at my gym - I tried out the pilates class at work, but I won't really count that fail +0
-Continue trying out new recipes, aim for mostly healthy ones we did do this, but we need to do even more next year +1

-Organize the attic - no +0
-Purge stuff we no longer use - in progress, we did have a yard sale and sold a bunch of stuff, but there is a lot more that we can get rid of +1
-Get more into gardening and landscaping - I tried, and realized I didn't like it very much. But I will keep trying +0.5
-Buy rugs - We did buy a few but we have a lot more to go +0.5
-Office furniture - Done!! I am very happy with how the office turned out +1
-Paint both spare bedrooms - One is done (though just barely!) +0.5
-Try sprucing up used furniture - I painted the vanity and I love how it turned out! +1

-Make some friends near home to hang out with outside of work - I mostly made photography friends to go to get togethers with but I will count that because I love my photography girls +1
-Spend time with Rebecca before she leaves the USA - Done +1
-Plan (and take) a trip to England and Scotland - England/Scotland was pushed aside for Egypt so we still made it on a BIG trip so I will count that +1
-Visit family more often - We did do a decent amount of this, though I want to do more next year. I have some new family I would like to get to know. +1

15/24, not great but not bad. Things change and I tried to make this a rather ambitious list for the year. I think it would help in 2011 if I review my progress each month. I think I missed several of these because I forgot about the list to an extent.


Amanda said...

Hmm...where can we go to find some waterfalls? That's (kind of) on my list as well. :D

Anonymous said...

Please do not forget to post about your speedlite. I am in the process of buying one and would love to see how to use it :)


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