Longwood Jan 2011: Yellow Flowers

Our master bedroom is currently decorated with a yellow and gray color scheme. You can see it in this post from this past summer. Anyway, each time I go to Longwood I keep an eye out for yellow flowers to shoot hoping I can find one I like enough to blow up big for the wall. I found a few this last trip, but none of them really were good enough for me.

This one has a pretty yellow background
but Mike wasn't a fan.

The all yellow flower was a little too much for me in this one, especially coupled with the green/gray background vegetation that makes it look like a selective color image.

This one isn't bad
but I guess I don't really like daisies enough to blow this image up.

My favorite out of the bunch
but something is still missing.

There were also some yellow orchids, maybe one of those will be a winner. . .

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