Brownie Prep 1: Film

Based on my research I need 3 things to get started shooting with my brownies, well aside from the actual cameras. The first is film. Since I want to treat this as a marginally scientific experiment I decided to buy several different rolls of film so I can figure out what I like. The easiest film to get that can be made to work in the brownie's is 120. I ordered 7 rolls from B&H.

Black and White negative film (this is what I mostly hope to shoot with down the line so I can develop it myself)
Efke R25 B&W 25 120 - EFR25120

Ilford DELTA 100 PRO 120 - ILD100120

Fujifilm ACROS NEOPAN 100 120 - FUAN100120

Color Negative
Kodak EKTAR 100 120 FORMAT - KOE100120

Color Slide
Kodak E100G 120 (EKTACHRM PRO 100G) - KOE100G120

Fujifilm VELVIA RVP 120 FUJICHROME PRO 50 - FUV50120

Fujifilm VELVIA RVP 100-F 120 FUJICHRME PRO - FUV100F120

This is what a roll of 120 looks like out of the package.

One tip I learned from my Dad is to keep my film in the fridge. So that is where it is hanging out waiting to be shot. Next up, what I need to prepare it to go into the 620 brownie.

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