Brownie Prep 2: Spools and Re-spooling

Once I had the film I needed for my brownies, I needed to get it ready to use in them. The smaller of the brownies takes 620 film, which is no longer made but the actual film part is the same as 120 film, which is very easy to still get. The only difference between 120 film and 620 film is the spools it comes on. To make the 120 film work in my camera I decide to respool it onto 620 spools. One came in my camera, and I bought 3 more off etsy (you can find them on etsy or on ebay pretty much all the time.


I went into my "darkroom" (ie the closet in the brown room at night with the door shut and a towel shoved under it, eventually I will get a bag) and followed these instructions on how to respool 120 film onto a 620 spool. There are also loads of videos on you-tube.

And an OCF pullback for the spool shot
I went "bare-bulb" for this one, just because it was faster to set up. I liked the images with the umbrella better though.

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- Jessi - said...

Great macro. I like the simplicity of it.


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