Brownie Prep 3: Exposure

Now I have film, and I have it loaded into one of my brownies, time to start shooting. But wait! I know the two apertures are approximately f/11 and f/16 and I know what ISO of film I put in, but what is my shutter speed? There are some complicated ways out there to measure the "I" (instant) shutter speed on the brownie, but I am not an electrical engineer so the best I could do for now was film it with the 5dm2 at 30 fps

Doesn't really help a lot since it is only open for 1 frame so it could still be anything between 1/15 and 1/60th of a second. My best option for measuring it? Taking photos I think. But to get an idea of what it is after I have shot I need to get an idea of what light there was at the time. Of course the brownie doesn't come with a meter, . . . but my iphone does! In the form of the Light Meter app. I am really excited to try it out!


LitosMena said...

My BIL sent me a Flickr link that talked about that app a few days ago and I downloaded it too! If I would have read your blog a few days ago I would have just gotten the idea from you. I kept talking about my need for an external light meter so I guess that's why he sent me the link. It seems to work pretty good (I've tested it along with my digital camera). Once I start on my next roll of film, I'll see how it works. :)

Michele said...

I have been really happy with it so far too! I am taking notes on what it says vs what I shoot so we will see how the exposures match up when I get the film back.


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