Shut the Front Door

One of our projects for this summer was working on the front entry. We did things in a series of small projects:
-Removing some bushes
-Adding some bushes
-Pulling up the nasty carpet on the steps
-New front door, removing the screen door and a new mailbox

The final big project, was having the steps re-pointed (and no we didn't do it ourselves, we had the same mason who re-pointed our chimney do it). It took a lot longer than we thought, the tiles on the main portion of the steps were more damaged than we thought, and getting replacements turned out to be a lost cause (we could have gotten an exact match but it would have been really expensive due to shipping and minimum order requirements). We ended up doing a plan B, and I actually love it!



Don't the stripes look great? It is a mix of the good original tiles, and bricks cut to the same thickness as the tiles. I should take some daytime photos to really show it off though. Of course now the front path looks bad in comparison. I guess I know what my spring project can be.

1 comment:

Amy F.W. said...

WOW!! I do love it, it looks great! The pattern is really cool.


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