2011 Lens Usage

This is a little later than I normally post this but I still wanted to go back and take a look at how much use each of my lenses got in 2011, especially compared to 2010.   A big difference I found when pulling this together is that I took a lot less photos in 2011 (I knew this was going to be the case though).  My LR catalog had ~1850 images in it for 2011, compared to over 5000 for 2010.  Part of that is probably due to not having a big vacation in 2011, but more so from working too much. 

Screen Shot 2012-02-20 at 3.33.33 PM

The 100L won out again. And the 16-35 over took the 24-70 by far, which I think will be true again this year as the 16-35 is what I am choosing to take on vacations now instead. Hopefully 2012 will see a lot more shooting for me!

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Jennifer said...

I love seeing your pictures, but your lens breakdown is also really fun :)


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