Catching up on Kitties

I don't seem to take as many photos of the kitties as I used to with the good camera, partly because I am not shooting anything (working too much), partly because they are being SO bad lately (literally trying to kill each other as they adjust their pecking order) and because as much as I love the 5D mark III the thing I hate about it, is that the active focal point is almost always black, it doesn't turn red when it is active and trying to focus. Lets just think about how hard it is to get your focus point on the right spot on a BLACK cat, when the point is BLACK! It's more than a little frustrating, I really hope that Canon comes up with a fix for this!





Stanley made a bed of my Dad's bag when they came for a visit in June


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superpipercalliedocious said...

They are so handsome!!! And I think I just have gotten used to the black focal point or something. Usually if I press it halfway it lights up red & then I can figure out where it is.


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