Boy was it cold this morning, 16F! Chilly! But I went for my run anyway and I actually enjoyed it! Possibly I was dressed okay for once. Though if it is ever windy on a day like that I will need a different jacket. And maybe a different pair of pants or a pair of leggings under the fleece ones. It's weird though because my whole life I have never thought of myself as any kind of "athletic" person, and I still wouldn't, 10 minute miles aren't speedy, but at the same time I actually ENJOY running, which I never would have thought possible. At least not with anything other than riding. Let me tell you my body is aching to go riding, I can feel it. I daydream about it, the feel of the movement of my body while cantering. Weird huh?

Mike is moved in, not all unpack yet bet well along. It sucks though, the apartment is pretty dirty, there are all these other people around to distract him from me and it is not where I am used to it being. I miss his old place already, I still miss my old place too. Looks like the only solution is to finally buckle down and move our asses out of here. Hopefully out to CA. Speaking of which I should call the Emeryville office and talk to them about that. I don't want to lose that chance, and I want to see if anyone out there can help Mike.

Work is still stressful and I am not happy with my performance on this project lately. I think I could be doing much better. Though I don't KNOW what I am doing half of the time so that makes it hard for me. But I feel like somehow I SHOULD know, even though I have never done most of this stuff at all, let alone on my own before.

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