Okay it was even colder today. Thank goodness I just did yoga instead. I would have frozen my ass off going for a walk out! Tonight I am lifting weights and maybe doing a quick jog on the treadmill or 10 minutes on the elliptical. Just trying to get in some extra calorie burn to make up for the pile of chocolate I ate as dinner last night. Man do I hate the first couple of days of the green pills. On that Sunday I always want to cry for no good reason, Mondays I get superstressed out and want to drown myself in chocolate, Tuesdays I am cranky and starting to have back pain and cramps. Tell me again what is good about being a girl? . . . Right.

Talked to the CA people, they don't really work with any of the companies Mike is interested in. I don't know how I feel about the whole thing. Sometimes I get really excited about it. Other times I just feel totally stressed and scared. No wonder I tend to avoid thinking about the whole thing. Though that doesn't help me make my life better. And I do want it to be better. Fear is a powerful thing.

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