I have been really bad with updating this week

Work has been really busy but I do see it tapering off next week with any luck so I will be able to update more often. Not that I have had a lot to say anyway.

The eating is still going well, I can finally start to see the muscle definition in my arms and abs again. Now I am just waiting to see it in my legs. I bought a new scale Monday night and it gives me a REALLY different body fat percentage than the other one did. Not that I really BELIEVE either of them. I just like to use that as a guide to make sure I am losing more fat than muscle. But if this one is right if I get down to like 138 lbs I would have 16% body fat. Which seems REALLY low. I don't know. I was hoping to get back down to about 135 or so and hope that this time at that weight because of all the weight lifting my thighs would finally have to give up a little fat. Now I am not sure if I will be able to get down to that weight. Decisions, decisions. I don't want to be skinny fat but I do want to fit back into my size 4 Banana Republic pants. Maybe that should be my goal, not a number but fitting in those pants. I am excited to do my measurements again in a couple of weeks.

This weekend I am going up to NY again. We are moving Mike, like I have said! Won't that be fun.

It was pouring rain this am but 54F so I went for a run anyway. It was kind of fun, though weird to feel my shoes so wet water was squishing between my toes! And water kept pooling in the corner of my eyes. I should have brought something to wipe that out with. But I figured when is it going to be this warm again this time of year so that rain isn't a big deal temperature wise to run in? Not for a while. And it will be COLD Monday, hell it will be cold tomorrow! Plus I want to eat a normal dinner with my boyfriend tonight and how can I do that while sticking to my diet if I don't get some exercise in? That's right I can't!

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